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Episode 137 - Drop it like it's HotS! ft. Fringe Average
October 16, 2017 Epic Geeks
This week on the show, Britzza and SleepyGary are joined by Fringe Average from the Gankbush Squad podcast as they discuss all things going on in the Nexus, podcasting to a global audience, and where exactly the bar will be at BlizzCon 2017. Thank you very much for listening, and a very special thank you to our guest, Fringe Average, and all the hosts of Gankbush Squad. You can follow and support their show via: Twitter: @GankBushSquad iTunes: YouTube: Patreon, Discord and all the rest: As always, our show, as always, is available in iTunes, Stitcher, Youtube, Google Play, and Twitch. You can also catch us on Twitter via @GeeksofAzeroth, and you can follow the hosts via: Tarley - @Tarley_pawz Britzza - @Britzza_EG SleepyGary- @EpicGeeksGary Zul - @Zulgeek You can contact the show with your messages, questions, and shoutouts via And remember to check us out on for more shows. We’ll be back same time, same place next week - until then have a great week in Azeroth.
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